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The Saga of Jesse Jane

Once upon a time there was a young boy named James Jane who was constantly ridiculed and bullied. His twin sister Jessica. was the only person who he could turn to. The only one who ever stood up for him and loved him for who he was. The two of them grew up together, always remaining close. James Idolized Jessie, as he called her.

Then one horrible day everything changed. Jessie was left at the alter by her groom. Try as he might James could not give his beloved sister the same love and support to get through as she had always done for him. One fateful night, the heartbroken Jessie drank a bottle of mysterious glowing pink liquid that ended her life.

James was devastated. Now, completely lost and alone without Jessie he went a little crazy. The night of his sisterâs funeral James rummaged through Jessieâs closet until he found her wedding gown. He quickly put on the dress, that had in his mind, only caused Jessica pain. Knowing that he could no longer go on without her; certain that he should have been the one to die and that Jessie should live on. He went to her vanity and using her makeup he transformed himself from James to Jesse.

Jesse fled from the childhood home he had shared with his sister and went on the road as a truck driver. His travels ended however, when he had a little incident in a Texas Town. For James to be made fun of and hurt was one thing but Jesse would never tolerate it!

Watch as the mysterious Alice Cooper appears in Jesseâs life albeit unnoticed to him on the day everything changed. Alice follows Jesse throughout his adventures, telling his story and encouraging his madness.

Flashbacks in this film are done in subtle film grain and a hint of black and white. As the story progresses the flashbackâs become increasingly clearer as past events become clearer in Jesseâs mind. By the ending the flashbacks are all of only happy memories and therefore the film quality takes on a soft glow instead of the old grain and black and white.

The song The Saga of Jesse Jane belongs to the musical genius Alice Cooper.
No copyright infringement intended.

This is my first attempt and any form of machinima. Honest and constructive criticism that will help me improve are welcomed.

Thanks for watching!

Producer Shellybeans2


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